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Do your part for the environment and participate in the Bears Auto Care Eco-Swap Program.





How can you help?

Simply purchase any participating Eco-Swap 1L product to receive a voucher for 25% off your next order. Once your product(s) have depleted, return the bottle (with the included biodegradable postage bag) and we will refill or replace your bottle.

Easy 4 step process to the ECO-SWAP Program

Step 1

When purchasing a product be sure to select "ECO SWAP" Option on the product page. This will ensure we send you a biodegradable return bag in your order.

Step 2

When ready for your next order, simply send us the empty bottle(s) from your original order using the supplied postage bag. *Note if you do not have your original bag, any postage satchel is fine - as long as you get the product back to us. It is your responsibility to pay for return postage.

Step 3

Once we recieve your empty bottle(s) we will send you your discount voucher. The voucher is a total % discount of your entire cart - so the more you order the more you save! The Voucher is valid for 30 days and is limited to one use only. To be eligble for a new discount voucher you must repeat the process.

Step 4

Use your voucher code upon checkout and save! Be sure to use the ECO SWAP method when selecting your products to continue receiving your exclusive discount! Continue to use the ECO SWAP program to do your part in helping preserve the environment and be rewarded with significant discounts.

Did you know that single use product packaging equates to over 1.9 million tonnes of waste in Australia alone?

Over the last thirty years, we’ve doubled the amount of natural resources we use in Australia (per capita), including aluminium, tin, steel, sand (for glass) and trees (for paper and cardboard). When we throw away that packaging – most of it after only one use – these natural resources are lost.

Help combat this problem by joining the Bears ECO-SWAP Program where we upcycle our products.

Better for the environment and better for your wallet!

Biodegradable Packaging

We care about our environment and the impact on single use waste is too big to ignore. We have made it a priority to use as much eco friendly packaging solutions as possible.

Recycled Plastics

Our 1 Litre bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. We encourage all customers to actively recycle where possible to continue to combat single use product packaging.

Quality Aluminium

Our premium 500ml Bottle range provide a look and feel superior to our competition and best of all; are designed to be reused as well as recycled. Our 500ml range is eligible for our Bears ECO-SWAP program and the aim is that our customers can keep their bottles for life or send back to us for repurposing.

" Elite Detailing Products for Everyone"


Our Mission

With 35+ Years experience in detailing vehicles, we are proud to bring you a professional grade of silicone free products, designed to clean and protect your car while outperforming the competition.

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A brand you can advocate for

A mans car is the way to a mans heart. Everyone at Bears is an avid car enthusiast. We love our cars just as much as you! Whether you’re in the JDM, Euro, Drift or Stance, Circuit or Drag scene – we love it all and have the perfect product to compliment your garage.

Maintain your track, street or show vehicle easier and faster than ever before. Why spend hours detailing your pride and joy when you can achieve professional results in less time? Work smarter, not harder!

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